Never Waste A Crisis

That’s a mantra most communicators around the world understand.

Those of us holed up with partners and children have been given enough airtime. Let’s take a moment to send virtual hugs to our brothers and sisters who, for whatever reason, are without a significant other in their home environment.

You may be feeling lonely and isolated but here’s the good news. If you were holed up with someone, you could have already spent most of the time not talking to each other. Far more awkward than the 1.5m social distancing.

There’s also the high probability that the relationship may not have even survived lockdown.

There’s a 50% chance (my stats) that you would have most probably had your first (if you were still in the honeymoon phase) major argument or worst-ever argument. And many others. There’s also the high probability that the relationship may not have even survived lockdown.

The other good news is that the Coronavirus has come like the perfect storm! Never waste a good crisis. This is the perfect time to give online dating a go, if you haven’t ventured there. And if you had some options in your orbit before lockdown, now’s the time to go in – without the pressure of rushing into things. For the ladies, Steve Harvey’s no-sex-upfront rule in “Act Like A Lady, Think Like a Man” has been delivered to you with such ease.

‘Yes, We Can’ their campaign slogan became our mantra.

Just a little side note, Mr T and I have been known to take advantage of current affairs. The Obama campaign was in full force in 2009 and I was, and still am, obsessed with them. So is Mr T. Ok, that was not a crisis, but you get where I’m going. It was utilising the moment. ‘Yes, We Can’ their campaign slogan became our mantra. Do you think we can plan a wedding in three months? Yes, we can! And we did.

If you’re still not making lemonade from lemons, let me spell it out for you:

1. Real is the new Tik-Tok

We’ve all been forced to embrace ourselves. Warts and all. Heck, I’ve even come to appreciate my bare-faced look. The truth is that, almost 50 days in, there’s no room for fakeness. This is real. We know what happens to people who are on their deathbed or don’t think they’re going to make it out of some emergency situation or crisis. They release the truth. Their truth. The soul has this inexplicable need to rid itself of any lies before it enters the other realm.

2. Vulnerability is attractive

We’re still on the real thing here. Men, read slowly. Vulnerability is attractive. Damn, it’s even sexy. Share your stories. Your pain. Open up. And encourage reciprocation. Ask questions. Probe. You’ll be surprised at how this can create bonds that will last beyond lockdown.

3. Discover new skills and share

Some of you have been experimenting with cooking, baking, DIY and the like. I’m super-impressed. Share those skills. Host Zoom one-to-one parties or dates where you share recipes and cook or read books to each other. Poetry. Don’t forget the poetry. And if you write, that’s a bonus. You can seal the deal right there.

Covid-19 is your gateway to connect and engage in truth and honesty. The building blocks of a sustainable relationship. Forget physical attraction. That’s one aspect but certainly not everything.  You now have the time to dig deep, connect and get a real understanding of someone’s potential as a life-partner.

We’re expecting a new generation of Corona babies in 2021. There’s scope for Corona weddings too…

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