I’m a content strategist with over 24 years’ experience in the marketing consultancy environment. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, a keen understanding of marketing principles; public relations and communications; branding and stakeholder engagement has enabled my career over the years.


Solid writing skills allow me to develop content for an array of formats including my personal blog. I’m an asset in strategy development, new business development and stakeholder management for various agencies and clients. I re-entered independent consulting during 2016 and love the diversity this brings. 


What defines me? Authenticity; we’re born to live our truth.


What keeps me focused?  Today is a promise to make a difference. 


If you can brief it, I can create it!





Audio visual / voiceover scripts

Briefing documents


Concept development / ideas

Digital marketing/online requirements

Strategic content (including strategic positioning, plans and presentations)

Media releases


PR/communications content


Company profiles & presentations

Concept documents

Fact sheets

New business proposals

Personal/individual profiles