Google can help us find anything and or answer almost every question under the sun. There’s no shortage of information out there. I often wonder how the lack of a physical library experience will affect our children. That search through books required a level of patience that my kids may never know.


Anyway, we have a highly informed society that’s constantly ‘on’ but derives little to no benefit from this ‘knowledge’. And it’s highly toxic.


But it’s really driven by our desire for control.


There’s something else behind this insatiable need for more and more information. One can argue that it’s at our fingertips, literally, almost as though we have no control over it. But it’s really driven by our desire for control.


One always knows everything about parenting until one starts parenting. It actually starts from pregnancy. There are countless online resources – people do not sleep on opportunity – where, for instance, you insert your expected due date, and then receive weekly emails tracking your growing baby’s development as well as changes to your body.


It’s way more information than my mother would have ever received from her obstetrician back in the 70s. But it makes us feel more ‘informed’ and ‘better prepared’. Mr. T turned into Dr. T as he dived into the detail like a devil on a mission. No doubt, it’s lovely for the connection and involvement, but all one really wants to know is that the baby is healthy, has ten fingers and ten toes, and is growing as it should. Being informed about the biological intricacies has nothing to do with this.


I’m trying to be a better person.


Back to this desire for control. We’ve been sold a ‘school of thought’ that the more we know, the more educated we are, the more we’re prepared for a ‘better life’. What a load of drivel! The original word I had was underlined in blue with a note that it could “offend”. I’m trying to be a better person.


The need for control resides in the mind, the domain of obsessive thinking or the ego, as Eckhart Tolle describes it. It’s really living in the future and is the antithesis of the soul whose purpose is to align with the Universe, in the now, where flow is the currency to thrive.


Some of us have been held hostage by excessive thought for decades. Many times, we’re rendered immobile. Sometimes physically, but almost always, metaphorically. We wade in silent struggle. We find ourselves in a cycle of chaos. We can’t move forward.


When you don’t get the lesson, the Universe repeats it in cycles of increasing voracity. Some describe this as the ‘wrath of God, the Father’. I have intense dissonance with the description of Source as a person, an angry one, and male at that.


Release opens us to receive.


So, dear heart, we need to release the obsession with ‘knowing’ and control. We must move to Being, the essence of knowing through the other senses and realm. Release opens us to receive.


Then why do we have to go to school to learn to read and write? Recent question from my 8-year-old who’s constrained in a traditional learning environment. Of course, there’s a need for growth, development, education, and all of that. There’s even a place for planning and aspiration.  But it’s about bringing it into the present. Being.


Sadly, the one thing that differentiates humans from all other species on earth – the thinking mind which is intuitively powerful when used correctly – is its greatest downfall.


When we’re conscious about what we’re doing, in the moment, we can’t obsess or worry about the future. My daily struggle. Try it with me.


“If it’s out of your control, it deserves to be out of your mind”. I cannot take credit for these wise words, but I cannot for all the money in the world remember whose they are 😊 please remind me, if you know.


Welcome, June! The birth month of my Rainbow Child.